Thursday, April 18, 2013

Welcome. So what.

It must be asked at the start of any new blog, why the H-E-double-hockey-sticks would anyone write another blog? Because there aren't enough already. And they're all so edifying.

Well, to answer that yawningly terrifying question, I will present our purpose... and explain the awkward applicability the royal "we."

CuriCura is short for Curious Curatio. Curious, literally translated, means "eager to know." Curatio is Latin for "healing." Hence the subhead. This means that CuriCura is a blog about awful things. Rape. Addiction. Suicide. Mental disease. Incest. Compulsion. Anorexia. Obesity. Despair. But it also means that CuriCura is a blog about wonderful things. Triumph. Healing. Community. Love. Self-acceptance. Cleansing. Freedom. Innocence. Empowerment. Strength. Courage. Hope.

At it's best, I hope CuriCura will inspire you. If you're stuck. If it's dark where you are. I hope CuriCura will help you find the light that shines on you always. If you're confused, and if you're searching, I hope CuriCura will show you a path forward.

In every post, I will present a piece of useful wisdom gleaned from the experience, bravery, struggle and love of seeking survivors across the web and the world (and maybe, sometimes, this old leather chair) for the purpose of helping you. Topics will range widely, from "How to Respond When the Inpatient Clinic Windows Won't Shatter and Other Anger Management Techniques," to, "No Sally, your Words With Friends opponent does not think you deserve to die. A Self-Esteem Primer," to touch the broadest audience while remaining focused on the goals of seeking survivors of abuse, addiction and disease.

And that's why I presumptuously assert we are a "we." Because this is not a blog about me and the random, intoxicatingly interesting nuggets of grey matter that drop gooily from my brain to hit these keys with loud, resonating thuds. It's about you. It's about what you need. And why you are reading.

Best of all I'll be brief! Yay for seed-starting short attention spans! Now what was I saying?

Oh yes, it's all about you. But enough now about you, let's talk about me.

Who the heck am I and why am I screen-bombing your coffee-break? Well, let's mysteriously dub me The Curator. Picture me lurking in corners wearing a tail-coat and cravat to surreptitiously shift and dust your collectible figurines. That or, consider me the collector, editor and distiller of all the vast, wonderful, healing information there is out there to be had for those of us who seek it.

And why am I doing this now? Well, I've been a seeking survivor for more than fifteen years. I've overcome childhood incest and rape, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dissociative disorder (non-specific), and  a near-fatal eating disorder. I now live with health, freedom and joy - so much joy, I have plenty to share. Want some? Read on.

Except there's nothing else to read today. Awkward silence.

Except! Please note the helpful Resources and Good Blogs links at the bottom of the page. These lists are are not meant to be comprehensive (and are obviously new, hence, short), but rather highlight those organizations and communities found to be the most commonly helpful. The lists will continually update as needed. (Suggestions welcome!)

So with that, I send you warm love and hope for your healing, until we blog again.

~ The Curator


  1. 'nuggets of grey matter that drop gooily from my brain' which are amazingly beautiful and gem-like in their manifestations! Love to you and to me too... and both of our goo.

  2. Thank you for the love, and for the first comment! Love to both our goo, that flows from the same beautiful source. Be blessed ~ The Curator


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