Monday, April 29, 2013

Playing with inspiration.

Monday again right? Crap.

I'm declaring Monday "Brain Candy Monday," or Bracamoday (brah-cah-MOW-day) for short. Welcome to Bracamoday ya'll! Come on in. Curl up into the fetal position on the floor below your desk, or lean your head right on up against your warm, soft monitor, close an eye and sorta-dream of when you can drool-sleep through Duck Dynasty tonight, and cock one ear towards these soft, soothing words of the sleepy-wise.

There's a lot of bad karma and "what in the what?" going on in the word right now, like more school shootings, the antediluvian terribleness of people's inane comments on rape (Trigger warning on that. It will be addressed by CuriCura later.) and whatever the Dionne Warwik this guys is talking about. And there's probably a lot of God-end-the-insanity-or-at-least-help-me-shred-my-pillow-into-a-pile-of-fluff misery going on inside you too. These struggles all must be discussed. They have to be massaged back into joint by loving words and hands, or at least have the sterilizing UV light of Truth shone on them.

But not on Bracamoday. Not when we're all too tired to hit the keys appropitately and are thus one twitchy, over-caffeinated second from that accidental reply-all of morbid workplace doom.

Mondays are for serotonin booster shots and lots of rubber padding. (Because who hasn't texting-walked into a lamppost on their morning commute?) And we have to keep it healthy. No Tijuana Sunrises or binge foods here. We want real joy. The kind that lasts beyond The Tired into motivation.

And this, apparently, is why some brilliant genius poofed up Recitethis. Recitethis is a nifty site allowing you to instantly transmogrify your favorite inspirational quotes into pretty nice looking photocards. (It's like the adorable lovechild of a fortune cookie and Instagram: it has neither its mother's styrofoamy mystery, nor its father's A-lister pride.) I just used it to make this:

What's great about this is that it's an easy but creative way to utilize the chasse-enchufla-free spin step stuffed under the risers of all 12 Step support groups called "the slogans." And you don't have to be a 12 Step program member to appreciate the handiness of ever-present, self-selected reminders of who you want to be, all abridged down to convenient commercial-break size. (They're like your soul's ToDo list.)

And though these can be scrawled on bits of scrap paper and lint-covered Post-its, and scattered across used car front seats and bathroom mirrors, it is kinda important to make these tidy. Here's why:

Our recent post on sacred places elaborates. Basically, beauty is square. It is mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually effecting. This doesn't mean everything needs to look like a Strawberry Shortcake T-shirt. We should just all be getting our daily dose of verbal and visual inspiration.

So what healthier way to tap out the rest of your Bracamoday's wee brain-cell power than with a couple of hours dreaming up endless permutations of this classic:

I'm sure your boss won't mind.

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